Quality Management

Since its founding in 2006, Bio-Connect Services has invested a lot of time and effort into implementing a quality assurance system. Now the quality assurance system is so blended into our daily work activities that in January 2009 we were rewarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Something we are very proud of!

What does this mean for you?
Working with a quality system is not a goal but a tool we use. We ensure that our processes such as: ordering, shipping, order status, product quality ensurance, answering technical questions, handling complaints, informing customers etc. are designed to meet the expectation of the customer and if possible exceed this. We believe this is the only way to be successful in our field.

What does it mean for Bio-Connect Services?
To provide the service of Bio-Connect Services in a good way, specific skills in the areas of logistic and communication are needed, other than those required for Bio-Connect. Bio-Connect Services, as a separate entity and organisation, has requested its own quality certification, which is granted after a thorough inspection. Because we have well documented all processes and use them in our daily work, we are able to continuously improve our services to customers. Something that is vital for a company to perform well in this rapidly changing market.

Our approach to CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

People, Planet and Profit

From our social responsibility and our forward-looking vision, sustainable business means that we pursue both a higher operating efficiency in all business decisions and should use the opportunities for a better environment, more welfare and well-being for our employees and the society. We take our social responsibility, gain insight into the impact of our operations on society, our stakeholders and sustainable development. We enter into dialogue with our stakeholders to make informed choices and are willing to be accountable. It means for us that CSR and our social responsibility for all activities go one step further than what the law and regulations oblige us.